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Abstract Submission

We invited Bowman Club members and their fellows to submit abstracts for inclusion in the 2023 Bowman Club meeting on 22 March 2024.

Abstract submitters will be notified of the results in early January 2024 (in time to book study leave).

All abstracts will be reviewed by members of a review panel. Abstracts will be shortlisted for presentation based on their scientific content, interest to meeting participants and synergy with the topics covered by the 2024 meeting.

Proceedings of the 24th Bowman Club Annual Meeting will be published in the BMJ Open Ophthalmology

Our aim is to include a diverse range of abstract presentations across the 2024 corneal ophthalmic sub-speciality areas. The number of shortlisted abstracts taken to presentation is therefore dependent on the session time available for abstract presentations within the Bowman Club programme. 



Abstracts submitted as structured abstracts:

Maximum length = 250 words

As general guidance when submitting your abstract, include:

  • Objective, Introduction or Background

  • Methods 

  • Results

  • Conclusion or Discussion

Submitting your Abstract - General guidance

The presenting or first Author should use the online abstract submission form below to submit an Abstract.

  • As Bowman Club is a UK meeting please use UK terminology, spelling, symbols and mathematical formulae structure.

  • All Authors should be named: Full First name, Surname.

  • Affiliations: Include the Affiliations of all Authors.

Welcoming abstracts from:

TSC/ Post-CCT Fellows:

Bowman Club Consultant Member endorsement is required to confirm training status.

Abstract category

  1. Research only (clinical or laboratory)

Eligible for



Bowman Club members:

Abstract categories: 

  1. Cases or case series

  2. Videos or vignettes

  3. Research (any type)

Abstract submission

abstract submission
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